Qigong (AKA: chigong, Chi Kung):

Qi means air or energy

Gong means long term practice to achieve ability and skills

Tianhua Qigong was designed for modern people that we are busy, we are stressed, and we do not have time to do exercise. It generated from all the best excise method of Budish, Tao, medication, martial arts. Using system engineering designed. It use methods of giving, carrying, passing Gong in a group Qigong practice field to achieve a fast result. People with long term sickness are welcome.
People with long term sickness are welcome

Tianhua-Qigong is coming in Canada. It is free during this promoting period. Patients with long period of sickness are welcome.

Principles for development and goal for world benefits
---------International General Committee of Zhong Gong

I. Zhong Gong's Functions:

Zhong Gong will stick to health exercise techniques. It disseminates culture of health exercise, targeting to strengthen people's health, get rid of illness, be stronger, live a long life, and develop a person's spiritual morality.

II. Zhong Gong's Principles for Development:

1. Zhong Gong is a non-religious sect, but it respects every practitioner's religious belief, which is every one's freedom and rights.

2. Zhong Gong is a non-political organization.

Mr. Zhang gave more details on this point. He said, We respect every Zhong Gong practitioner's political ideas and needs as well as participation. It is personal freedom and rights. Zhong Gong is not a political organization, but we are in a political environment. Thus, we will concern about politics, support political reform and evolution of the society.

3. Zhong Gong is not a mission that is run for the goal of business profit. But, it exists and develops in business and commercial environment, therefore, it should be conducted in accordance with economic regulations of the market so as to develop cultural economy and to build up its own cultural industry of life science.

III. Zhong Gong's Goals for World Benefits

Zhong Gong's goals for world benefits are: to make people healthy; to enlighten people with hope; to make people happy; to make people feel at ease.

The main contents of lecture

Qigong Parts:

Heal energy, Get rid of health or mental problem, make a longer and better life. we will teach how to feel the existence of Qi, to gather Qi, to move Qi through body's "Ren Du channels", to send external Qi. Auxiliary qigong training, including simple way of losing weight, Qigong in every short spare time, Sleep Qigong. 100% people can learn immediately

Human Exceptional Function in Common Use:

Detecting diseases by hand sensing and seeing aura (80% will be able to develop these skills during the lecture). And introduction of seeing with 3rd-eye.

Basic methods of treating diseases with Qigong:

6 methods (98% will be able to develop the skill immediately)

During 1988-1998 there are at least 38,000,000 persons have learned Tianhua Qigong in China.

Before you join a Qigong Class, please study these 10 words, each word indicate a position of human body.



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